Commercial real estate has many dimensions. Your lawyers should too.


When it comes to a commercial real estate transaction, a lot can go wrong. The stakes are high. The issues are complicated. Deals move fast.

Unfortunately, even well intentioned lawyers can add unwanted complexity, stress and cost to doing business. Some practice law in isolation, failing to consider the overall business context of a deal. Some focus only on what is in front of them, without considering the long-term impacts that deals can have on overall business strategies and outcomes. Others work at firms where fees are not driven by client value, but instead by internal pressures related to overhead and profitability.

Crosbie Gliner Schiffman Southard & Swanson LLP brings a new legal dimension to commercial real estate. At every stage of the commercial real estate cycle, CGS3 helps clients maximize their investments without sacrificing their legal interests, business relationships or bottom line.

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