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With millions of square footage of leasing under our belts, our experience on both sides of the leasing table provides a competitive advantage that helps you get the most out of your commercial real estate.

We understand how time kills deals, so we provide legal counsel in the context of your broader business interests, distilling complex issues and tailoring the final agreement to your specific needs in a quick and efficient way. We seamlessly handle the entire spectrum of leasing, from high-volume leasing, to smaller tenants, to the large ultra-complicated transactions that often turn on the negotiators’ ability to think outside the box.

  • For Landlords: We look at every lease in the context of your overall business strategy. Our focus is on maximizing your profits and protecting against risks that would impair your ability to operate, finance and sell your properties in the future.
  • For Tenants: We start with your business needs and draw upon our combined insight into the landlord’s mindset and our vast market knowledge of lease structures and prevailing industry terms to get you the best deal possible based on your circumstances and the amount of leverage you have.

Office and Industrial Leasing.  On their face, office and industrial property leases can seem straightforward, but business terms missed at the front end of negotiations can create problems and may result in significant unanticipated costs down the road. Build-outs, pass-through expenses, essential services, indemnities and assignment rights all carry with them legal ramifications that must be considered in the context of your business needs. Even minor issues can have costly implications if not addressed clearly and early.

There are thousands of issues that can be negotiated in a lease document. We are familiar with all of them and, depending on the circumstances of your specific needs, we can suggest compromises that can be employed to keep the deal moving along.

We consider, negotiate and document the details so that you can focus on the big picture issues related to running your business. Because of the sheer volume of leases that we have handled, we can spot issues early and make sure your interests are protected — without slowing you down.

Retail Leasing.  Retail property leasing is a highly-specialized area in which the outcome of negotiations can directly impact the success of your business. Because real estate is an integral part of your business strategy, your lawyers must bring more to the transaction than just knowledge of the transactional terms and conditions.

Our expertise in the retail market comes from handling thousands of shopping center sales, purchases and financings, and millions of square feet of retail leases. Through this experience, we have represented and opposed practically every type of retailer, from the “majors” and big box stores to groceries, restaurants, theaters and more.

Life Sciences Leasing.  Life sciences companies present unique leasing opportunities and challenges due to their specialized uses and greater demands on a building’s infrastructure. More so than with any other product type, life sciences owners need to collaborate with their tenants and understand the tenant’s business so that deals can be structured in a way that ensures adequate protection for the property owner, while providing flexibility and adequate capital investment for the tenant. Landlords in the life sciences realm must develop sophistication in efficiently managing hazardous substances, larger draws on utilities, faster depreciation of building systems, and construction projects that go far beyond the typical office build-out. In addition, the regulatory framework for each specific user often dictates specialized tenant needs that have to be provided for in the contract.

We regularly represent both owners and tenants in the life sciences industry and have a long history of laying the foundation for relationships that provide locations for innovative companies who are literally changing the world.


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  • Letters of intent
  • Purchase agreements
  • Title review
  • Due diligence
  • Lease and contract review

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  • Acquisition loans
  • Development loans
  • Construction loans
  • Permanent and semi-permanent loans
  • Participating and convertible loans
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Mezzanine loans

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  • Design professional agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Design-build agreements
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreements
  • Owner participation agreements
  • Subcontracts
  • Payment/performance bonds
  • CC&Rs and REAs

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  • Property management agreements
  • Listing agreements
  • Service provider agreements
  • Consulting agreements

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Commercial Leasing

  • Retail leasing
  • Office leasing
  • Industrial leasing
  • Medical leasing
  • Life science/biotech leasing

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Distressed Real Estate Workouts

  • Loan restructurings
  • Loan sales
  • Leasing and evictions
  • Deed in lieu transactions
  • Foreclosure proceedings
  • Guaranty enforcement actions
  • Receivership and bankruptcy
  • Short sales, receivership sales and REO sales

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Entity Formation and Tax

  • LLCs and partnership formations
  • Strategic tax and business law counseling
  • Entity and tax disputes
  • Federal, state and local tax controversies
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Workouts and debt discharge
  • Expert witness services

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Disputes and Litigation

  • Business and real estate negotiations
  • Ownership interests
  • Dissolution of business entities
  • Breaches of contract and business torts
  • Workouts and foreclosure of distressed property
  • Landlord/tenant lease disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Easements and other real property interests
  • Land use decisions by public entities
  • Employment agreements and issues
  • Insurance claims
  • Holders of personal guarantees
  • Unlawful Detainers

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Land Use/Environmental/ Natural Resources (“LER”)

  • Pre-purchase/leasing due diligence
  • California Planning, Zoning and Subdivision Law/obtaining entitlements from local jurisdictions and other agencies
  • Rezoning and variances
  • Master and general plan adoptions and amendments
  • Zoning or building code enforcement actions
  • Environmental enforcement actions by agencies regulating water quality, air quality, hazardous substances, and other resources
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance
  • Impact fees, exactions and other conditions of development approvals
  • Historic landmark designation and preservation
  • Easements/abandonments
  • Condemnation of property rights by public agencies
  • Defense of administrative and judicial challenges to development approvals


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