The CGS3 Client Experience

At CGS3, we maximize client investments and minimize risks across every stage of the commercial real estate life cycle. By thinking beyond the immediate horizon, we help you make decisions today that will allow you to achieve both your immediate needs and your future business objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission at CGS3 is to build a law practice that measures success by the quality, timeliness and value of work we deliver. We want to recreate the client-first service model under which we trained and combine a team-based approach with new technologies and more efficient business processes to deliver three specific benefits:


Best-in-class legal services without an overhead structure that drives up fees unnecessarily.


The best lawyer to fit the needs of the client, not the financial interests of the firm.



Rates that make good business sense to our clients, not just to us.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We’ve built a team and a business model that allows you to access the most qualified person for your needs. CGS3 balances deep experience in commercial real estate transactions with the ability to handle the full gamut of issues that occur during the real estate life cycle. Our founding partners all practiced at one of the country’s largest commercial real estate law firms and have extensive experience working across the table with lawyers from national and international law firms. We bring sophisticated thinking and creative approaches to intricate problems when needed, while at the same time being able to run more standard and high-volume transactions timely and efficiently.

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

There are many players involved in commercial real estate and each has personal interests at stake. We look out for your best interests, paying attention to details that others might overlook. For less experienced clients, we simplify complex issues and educate them about terms and conditions they may not even know exist. For the more sophisticated clientele, we work with them as business partners. When time is of the essence, we prioritize issues and streamline negotiations to achieve your immediate objectives and needs. For more complex transactions, we work outside of the box to find solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

 The Company We Keep

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of real estate investors, developers and end-users, from the institutional to the individual, and from the national to the local.  They include among the best-in-class organizations within their respective sectors.  While we would like to proudly display our clients’ names and logos, client confidences and professional ethics demand a different approach.

Our clients include:

  • One of the largest owners and operators of regional shopping centers in the nation.
  • One of the fastest growing and largest national quick service restaurant chains with more than 2,000 locations in 42 states.
  • The real estate investment arm of one of the largest state public pension funds.
  • The owner of a 10,000,000-square-foot portfolio of properties, primarily consisting of industrial and office projects, located throughout the U.S. and Europe
  • The owner and operator of over a dozen Southern California hotel and time share properties.
  • A Las Vegas-based developer and owner of casino and gaming properties located throughout the world.
  • A national real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development and management of commercial properties. The company is involved with 89 properties in 20 states with assets in excess of $3 billion dollars.
  • A distressed real estate group that has raised and invested more than $500 million in a wide range of smaller hotel, retail and multi-family projects.
  • A nationally recognized and award winning children’s hospital and health facility.
  • A national REIT owner and operator of neighborhood shopping centers.

We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships.  We invite you to inquire.


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